How to Get Rid of the Fish Smell on your Hands

 It is common knowledge that fish fragrance can remain on your hands for hours after taking or cooking it. It might be an odor that is more recognizable and difficult to eradicate but doesn’t worry. A fish smell can be eliminated quickly and virtually. We’ll look at tried-and-true methods to stop the fragrance from helping you get on with your day without being reminded of your seafood habit.

So, let how to get rid of the fish smell on your hands.

Why Does Fish Smell Stick to Your Hands?

Before we delve into the ways to eliminate fish scent from your hands, it’s crucial to understand why fish smell can stick to your hands. Fish have trimethylamine oxide (TMAO) protein in their power tissues. When caught and taken, bacteria on the fish’s skin, scales, and intestines break down the TMAO, removing the foul-smelling compound called trimethylamine (TMA).

The TMA sticks to your hands and produces a disliked fragrance that can be difficult to stop with traditional soap and water.

 19 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Fish Smell on Your Hands

1. How to Get Rid of the Fish Smell on your Hands with lemon or Lime Juice

The citric acid in lemons and limes helps degrade proteins and neutralize fishy hand scent. Rinse your hands with water after applying fresh lemon or lime juice and rubbing them together for a few minutes.

2. Try Soap and Water

 Remove the fishy smell on your hands is to wash them with soap and water. These will help remove the oils and proteins that cause the odor. Use soft soap and warm water and scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds. Spend awareness of the areas between your fingers and under your nails.

3. Use Baby Wipes

Baby wipes can remove the fish’s aroma from the hands if all else falls. Wet a wipe and scrub your hands for a minute. The fish smell should fade in seconds! Baby wipes break down trimethylamine, eliminating the odor.

4. Peppermint Oil

 If you’ve got fishy hands, peppermint oil can help. Use a cotton ball dipped in peppermint oil and rubbed under your arms for 30 seconds to stop the odor. The unpleasing smell of fish should dissipate quickly. Peppermint oil’s menthol taints fish-based tram. There is no lingering scent of fish here.

5. We Recommend Cilantro

Cilantro lovers will love this recipe. Massage and wash cilantro twigs. The fishy smell should disappear quickly. Cilantro mixtures destroy trimethylamine, removing suspicious scents from hands.

6. Try Vinegar

Vinegar has natural antibacterial effects that can kill the bacteria reliable for the fish smell. Mix equal white vinegar and water and soak your hands in the solution for five to ten minutes. Rinse with water and dry your hands.

7. Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is a great odor neutralizer, so you can use it to eliminate the fish smell that lingers on your hands. Make a paste from a teaspoon of baking soda and a little water. To use, gently wipe the paste onto your needles and flush it with water.

8. Try Salt

Salt can help stop fish fragrance by soaking the moisture that traps the smell. Buff your hands with coarse salt and irrigate with water. You can also mix salt with lemon juice or vinegar for better results.

9. Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds can absorb the fish smell due to their sharp scent. Massage your hands with coffee grounds, flush them with water, and wash them with soap and water.

10. Toothpaste

How to Get Rid of the Fish Smell on your Hands

Toothpaste can effectively cancel out fish aroma due to its minty smell. Press a small amount of toothpaste onto your hands, scratch it for a few minutes, and then irrigate them with water.

11. Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol can kill the bacteria that cause fish odor on your hands. Dab some rubbing alcohol onto a cotton ball and massage your hands with it for a few minutes. Flush with water and dry your hands.

12. Steel or Silver

Stainless steel or silver can absorb the fish smell on your hands. Stroke your hands on a steel or silver object underwater for a few minutes.

13. Use Gloves

How to Get Rid of the Fish Smell on your Hands

Prevention is better than cure. If you want to avoid dealing with the fish fragrance on your hands, wear gloves while taking fish. You can also use disposable gloves and pitch them after use.

14. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer contains alcohol to help kill the bacteria responsible for the fish’s aroma. Apply hand sanitizer to your hands, massage them together, and then flush with water.

15. Try a Commercial Deodorizer

If none of the natural methods mentioned above work, you can try a commercial deodorizer explicitly created to remove the fish bouquet from your hands. These products are available in most grocery stores and online.

16. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a natural disinfectant and can help draw the fish scent on your hands. Mix equal parts of water and hydrogen peroxide in a bowl and soak your hands in the solution for a few minutes. Irrigate your hands with warm water and dry them with a clean towel.

17. Charcoal Soap

Charcoal soap is an effective solution for removing the fish aroma on your hands. The activated charcoal in the soap helps absorb the odors. Please wash your hands with charcoal soap and rinse them with warm water.

18. Olive Oil

Olive oil can help neutralize the fish smell on your hands. Massage a small amount of olive oil onto your hands and let it sit for a few minutes before washing your hands with soap and water.

19. Glycerin Soap

How to Get Rid of the Fish Smell on your Hands

Glycerin soap is a gentle and effective solution for removing the fish smell on your hands. Please wash your hands with glycerin soap and flush them with warm water.

Precautions to Take While Handling Fish

To prevent the fishy smell from sticking to your hands, take the following protection while taking fish:

● Wear gloves while bearing fish

● Flush your hands with cold water before leading to fish

● Rub your hands with salt or vinegar before controlling fish


In conclusion, removing the fish smell on your hands is easy. It can be done using simple household items or ingredients. Whether using lemon juice, vinegar, or even toothpaste, these methods have been proven effective in eliminating unpleasant odors. By following these tips, you can ensure that your hands smell fresh and clean, and you won’t have to worry about the fishy scent lingering on your skin any longer. So go ahead and enjoy cooking your favorite seafood dishes without any worries!


Can the Fish Smell on Your Hands be Harmful?

No, the fish scent on your hands is not harmful. It is just a natural byproduct of taking or cooking fish.

Can the Fish Odor on Your Hands be Transferred to Food?

Yes, the fish smell on your hands can be transferred to food if you don’t wash your hands thoroughly before bearing it.

Can I Use Hand Sanitizer to Get Rid of the Fish Scent on My Hands?

No, hand sanitizer is ineffective in removing the fish smell on your hands. It would help if you used a deodorizer that can neutralize the odor.

Can you use dish soap to remove the fish fragrance from your hands?

Yes, dish soap is an effective solution for removing the fish scent on your hands.

How long does the fish aroma on your hands last?

The fish fragrance on your hands can last several hours or even a day, depending on the odor’s strength.

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